Privacy Policy

In the spirit of its currency, is committed to privacy of its visitors. As the world becomes more connected year by year, great measures should be taken to allow people to read whatever they want online without it becoming public knowledge. Advancements in technology must innovate side-by-side with advancements in privacy. A failure to do so could have severe political and social repercussions in the coming era.

In that manner, here are the three different areas of user data collected by this website:

  • Visitor data via Google Analytics – utilized to know how to improve the site’s content. See the stats page. Your visit won’t be added to the analytics if you have javascript disabled.
  • Standard server data – mostly used as something to reference should technical problems arise.
  • If you opt for email updates, know that this site’s email list will remain confidential. It will never be shared with the public or sold.

If you desire to use this site with even greater anonymity than what is typical, you are welcome to use a Tor-enabled browser or VPN.